Hello, my name is Ricardo Sevilla, I am a photographer based in Houston, Texas. I have been doing photography now for around 7 years. In those 7 years, I have done so many different kinds of photography. I have done the mix, from still-life to landscape, and from architecture to portraits, but the one medium of photography that always drives my passion is portraiture.

All people have their own unique ways of expressing themselves. Whether it be by the clothes we wear or the emotions we feel, we all have different ways of defining who we are. That's why portraiture is so unique. Everyone will have their own best outfit, and their own best moment of their lives, and sharing these stories is essential.

As a photographer, capturing those moments is so important, and my promise is to make sure those moments are captured for you to be able to share your stories, and your feelings; finding that is what drives my creativity, and it is why I love to do what I do as a photographer. 
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